Stone Slabs

We source and import all of our stone slabs from across the world to ensure that we only offer the very finest quality to our customers. From here we then use the latest CNC Precision machinery to cut our slabs to perfection. All customers are more than welcome to visit our Slab store based in Liverpool to choose the exact slab their fireplace will be carved from, here we hold more than 10,000 slabs in Stock. There really isn’t anything more luxurious than the natural beauty than marble rock possesses. 

Disclaimer. Stone is a natural product and as such contains variations in colour, veining and shading. Some stone will contain inclusions, pits or fissures as a result of its geological formation. These are not flaws and material containing them will be fabricated as a quality product which signifies the authenticity of the product. The actual stone delivered may differ from the sample shown. Samples are used as a representation of the final product and will not be an exact match. When and where the product is quarried will affect the colour. If you are concerned of the variation in colour between the samples shown and the actual product you receive, you should arrange a visit to Bespoke Fireplaces Ltds slab storage facility to view slabs.